Sunday, October 5, 2008

Week 7: October 6-10, 2008

Upcoming Events:
Oct. 6 -- Benton At Risk (BAR) begins pilot data collection
Oct. 7 -- Passing out 2nd Progress Reports
Medicaid Meetings (You already know if you need to go)
Oct. 8 -- BAR Meeting @ 7:00 in Room 103
Sophomores to MY SUCCESS EVENT at Civic Arena
Oct. 10 -- 5th Hour Be Smart Assembly (5th hour seating)
9th Hour Pep Assembly @ 2:10 (Intro the rest of the Fall sports)

After meeting with the core department chairs, it was comforting to find them asking for responsibility for our school improvement. That move was one of the most significant moves in showing everyone's responsibility in our journey to making Benton a better place for the students we serve every day. I can honestly tell you, I was blown away by the request.

We had an exciting, if conjectural, meeting with district personnel about our move toward embracing constructivism in our classrooms in a technological, pedagogical content knowledge approach. To make a long story short, people are asking questions. Good ones. And that means they are primed for an answer. It's time to learn. I am excited to think about what this looks like in 12 months from now when our entire staff is in the GINORMOUS learning curve. Wow. I can't imagine.

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