Saturday, November 22, 2008

Week 14: November 24-26, 2008

Without question, the highlight of last week in our professional world was the FAST event at Barbosa's! Laughter was limitless. Friendships were fostered. The purity of the joy felt in that room last Tuesday night reminded me of how good it feels when you hear a child enjoy a really good belly laugh. It's just good.

To Bobby and Tori for taking a chance on getting the game going. I will set out the vote to all those who participated. Expect to vote on how fun the FAST event was to you. It means a day out of school on us! You gotta love that! The game lasts until the end of the semester. You too can join the contest!

With Tammy Talbot on her achievement of National Board Certification! She would never be so bold as to run screaming down the hall with glee (although Tim probably would have)! Touch base with Tammy also about great things going on with Luke. You'll be glad you asked.

Dasta Celebration!
Celebrate with Frank and all our students for their scores on the last ACT test! Frank Dasta made the cut! Congratulate him when you see him in the hallway for earning National Merit Finalist status. I'd say we could give a big pat on the back to his mentor Mark Blakely for nurturing that young man in the pre-engineering track. Way to go Frank! Way to go Frank's teachers!

15 Days...
Until Christmas break. It's truly time to get down and dirty reaching and teaching our curriculum -- essential outcomes -- to our students. That totals eight ODD days and seven EVEN days. Add four more class periods to each one of those, and you've got a semester comprehensive final exam in your lap. Are you ready for this semester to be over? How far are you on those second quarter essential outcomes? You can do this because, laced with chocolate, this month is going to be fun, fun, fun! :)

Calendar Events:
25 Nov -- PBTE Meeting for New Teachers to SJSD
25 Nov -- FAST (Faculty Addressing Stressful Times) Event; 4:00 p.m. @ Barbosa's
Hosted by Bob Nash and Tori Grable: Turkey Trot
26 Nov -- BAR Meeting cancelled
26 Nov -- Early Out; 12:40 dismissal

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