Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week 21: February 2-6, 2009


Living Large On-Line

It's time to get everyone started toward SIP goal #4. School year 2009-2010 brings Benton High School to TPACK -- not just a cohort of instructors -- ALL of us! To begin getting everyone in the swing, Clay Burell's link below is a MUST READ that Sean sent by way of Twitter.

If you do NOTHING ELSE this week, read Clay Burell's blog entitled, "Snark Attack: UCLA Research Dissing Technology Bombs!" COMPLETELY!

Take the time to explore every link and YouTube inclusion. You will grow professionally this week in ways you can not imagine! This is the beginning of Benton 2.0 and you are a part of it!

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CB said...

Just a quick note to say glad you found it helpful. Goodness knows, with experts like that, we need all the help we can get ;-)