Monday, September 1, 2008

Week 1: August 25-29, 2008

Upcoming Events:
August 25
-Freshmen Only 7:45 - 10:45 (get schedules from your department chairs)
-All school assembly: 10:45 (dismiss to Hillyards)
-Regular Odd day schedule starts at 11:11 -- all students report to 7th to receive ID cards
August 28
-First day for students to change classes by appointment with the counselors

The first week felt like a five Mondays in a row. We had a tremendous number of new students enter -- 25 on Monday alone. I think our student count is close to 950 at this point. With the exception of a few room changes, it seems the students found their classes.

The first week of department meetings went fairly well. It's going to be a repeat next week since I realized we are odd on Wednesday again. We will have to adjust to a Tuesday or Thursday depending on your schedules.

All in all, it was a great first week. I'm really excited about our potential this year!

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