Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week 2: September 2-5, 2008

Upcoming Events:
Sept. 3 -- Leadership Team Meeting, Room 107 @ 7:00 a.m.
Sept. 3 -- Department Meetings (ODD again)
Sept. 5 -- Staff Lunch; room 103 provided by the FACS teachers
Sept. 5 -- 1st Pep Assembly; Highlight football, cheerleaders, poms, band & flags
2:10 dismissal for all students

It's nice to have a four day week. Personally, I am still tired from the first week. Jeff, Luke and I worked all week locating our students who were enrolled at Benton but not attending. It took a tremendous amount of time to find them and either get them here or attending at the alternative schools. We are responsible for them one way or another, and we have set a goal this year to really ensure they attend.

Our 7th day enrollment numbers were released Friday in the News-Press. It states we were up 21 students. The number is important to the press, but it's the September membership that is taken at the end of September (for some reason I think it's the 25th). I think we are feeling the increase in numbers. We still have a few classes that are over 30. The counselors are working hard to get them in control. I hope everyone can be hang on for a few more days.

We have a couple of issues that are forefront in operations. First and foremost is our library closure. It looks like they will have the floor finished in a week or so. We researched this summer on what a 21st Century library might look like. Jeff Carter found this incredible youTube video on a library transformation lab in Europe that tests cool library ideas. We took the decor ideas from that. It's a great watch if you have a 7 minutes. For now, here's the plan -- contractors are grinding the floor to remove the paint stains, they will then fill the cracks with a black flexible caulk and then seal the floor with a shiny epoxy. It will give it a clear, thick, hard coat that looks very art-deco. (check the floor in the youTube video) The contractors are also painting the entire library. It will be white. The trim will all be black and the accent colors will be red. I have a neat idea about lighting to add to the look, but I haven't found out how to make it happen yet. The picture is on my cellphone if you're interested. Finally, we will order furniture to outfit the place. We will have flatscreens for the kids to view breaking news and sports. We will also have an internet cafe, classroom, and "chill zone" reading area. It will be amazing with food (sold by our food service) that offers a wider, exciting selection.

For our staff, we will soon have a professional library/meeting spot. The location will house our professional journals, books and coffee for your enjoyment.

Things at Benton are changing. We are making a giant step toward constructing our own learning as we learn to teach our children through constructivism. As we make our transformation to the technology school, we have to prepare our space to accommodate the change. The library is a primary symbol in our transformation. I just want everyone to remember, we are still here for one service -- educating the children of the Southside!

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